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Salvatore Bruschetta
E-Mail:Opens window for sending emailS. Bruschetta
Phone: +44 7586636927
Institution:Queen's University Belfast
Supervisor:Prof. Dr. M. Zepf (QUB)
Cosupervisor:Prof. Dr. I. Walmsley (UOXF)
Project Title: Generation of XUV pulses from structured targets or relativistic plasmas
Related to work package: WP 1 (Coherent control of high-intensity frequency conversion)
Objectives: This project targets the production of intense bursts of XUV radiation. Such intense pulses can be achieved by using high energy ultra-fast lasers with power of many 100 TW to drive harmonic generation towards the XUV, and by developing structured targets suitable for achieving quasi-phase matching. These techniques can ultimately be extended to single attosecond pulses. The project will provide intense sources suitable for XUV pump/XUV probe experiments.
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