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Sebastian Jarosch
E-Mail:Opens window for sending emailS. Jarosch
Phone: +44 20 759 47887
Institution:Imperial College
Supervisor:Prof. Dr. J.P. Marangos (IC)
Cosupervisor:Prof. Dr. J. Biegert (ICFO)
Project Title: Extension of multi-colour strong field control in atoms, molecules & clusters
Related to work package: WP 1 (Coherent control of high-intensity frequency conversion), WP 2 (High-intensity nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy)
Objectives: The project deals with development of coherent control strategies to steer high harmonic radiation (e.g. duration, temporal structure, efficiency, photon energy). In particular, we seek the coherent enhancement of harmonic generation to provide bright XUV attosecond sources. We will use atomic ions (where resonant enhancements are expected in the XUV), molecular systems where harmonic generation can also be controlled via alignment, and clusters where large efficiencies are anticipated due to the large nonlinear polarizability.

[1]A. S. Johnson, L. Miseikis, D. A. Wood, D. R. Austin, C. Brahms, S. Jarosch, C. S. Strüber, P. Ye, and J. P. Marangos, “Measurement of sulfur L2,3 and carbon K edge XANES in a polythiophene film using a high harmonic supercontinuum”, Structural Dynamics 3, 062603 (2016).
Opens external link in new windowDOI:10.1063/1.4964821

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